Ghostwriting barrier

Meeting the norms and recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland concerning the prevention against ghostwriting, as well as out of concern for high substantive and ethical standards of the Scientific Journals of the University of Technology in Katowice, the Editorial Office kindly requests all potential authors to disclose:

  • the percentage contribution of individual authors to the creation of the publication and to state the source of financing of the publication,
  • contributions from scientific and research institutions, associations and other entities.

This procedure protects against "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship". The content of the declaration is included in the copyright agreement signed.

Ghostwriting" occurs when someone has made a significant contribution to the publication, but their name is not disclosed as one of the co-authors or their role is not mentioned in the acknowledgments included in the publication.

Guest authorship" (“honorary authorship") occurs when the author's contribution is negligible or nonexistent, but is nevertheless listed as an author/co-author of the publication. In cases where an article has more than one author, we kindly ask you to specify the percentage of their contribution to the publication next to their name. Please also note that the responsibility for adherence to the above rules rests with the person submitting the article for publication.