Articles submitted to the Scientific Journals must be previously unpublished and not submitted for publication in any other journal or publication.

Articles complying with the editorial requirements, are accepted on a continuous basis in electronic version by the Editor-in-Chief and the Publishing Secretary at:

Deadline for receipt of articles: 

- until May 31, 2022 (June edition)

- until November 15, 2022 (December edition)



After receiving the article the secretary of the Press checks whether the text fulfills all the technical standards and sends it to the Editor-in-Chief as well as the thematic editor. The editors evaluate whether the text fits the substantive profile of the journal. Then, the article, in accordance with its subject is classified among the texts of the appropriate thematic journal. The thematic editor carries out an initial substantive evaluation of the text, and then after consultation with the Editor-in-Chief, it is sent to the appropriate reviewers.

Next, an agreement is signed to transfer copyright laws with the Author/Authors representing the article along with a declaration of ghostwriting firewall, text originality, and sources of financing.

  1. Each article is reviewed by two independent reviewers – independent academics, experts in a given field, from outside the research unit with which the publication Author/Authors are affiliated.
  2. In the case of texts written in a foreign language, at least one of the reviewers is affiliated with a foreign institution different than the nationality of the article author.
  3. The double-blind review rule is in force (The reviewer does not know the surnames of the Author/Authors of the publication, the Author/Authors do not know the surnames of the Reviewer). In other cases, the reviewer signs a declaration of a lack of conflict of interest, whereas a conflict of interest means that there are direct personal relations between the reviewer and the author, relations of professional subordination, or direct scientific cooperation in the last two years preceding the year of preparation of the review.
  4. The review is conducted based on a detailed review form.
  5. The review is done in writing (an electronic version is permissible) and ends with a clear conclusion of the reviewer regarding the conditions of allowing the article to be published in the Scientific Journals of the University of Technology in Katowice or its rejection.
  6. The review is sent to the Author/Authors by the UTK Press Secretary without divulging the surname of the Reviewer, then the Author/Authors are obliged to take into consideration the remarks made in the review. The article is sent to the Scientific Council, which then makes the final decision regarding publication.
  7. A list of reviewers cooperating with the UTK Press in a given year, without making public the titles of the reviewed articles is published in a printed version of the Scientific Journals, as well as on the website of the UTK Press under the tab Scientific Journals/List of reviewers.

The editorial team hereby reserves the right to edit articles, as long as the changes do not have an influence on the substantive content of the texts.